Your agenda is our agenda

Agenda for Change is the pay scheme that applies to all employees in the NHS, excluding directors, doctors and dentists.

It allocates roles to one of nine bands on the basis of the knowledge, responsibility, skills and effort needed for the job.

Within each pay band there are a number of pay levels to progress through. As you successfully develop your skills and knowledge, you can progress in annual increments up to the maximum in your pay band.

You can find details of the latest pay scales by downloading the most recent Agenda for Change pay and conditions circular at

All the national agreements on pay and conditions of service for NHS employees (excluding directors, doctors and dentists) are in the NHS terms and conditions of service handbook.

Pay for medical and dental staff

You can find more details on pay for hospital medical and dental staff in the pay and conditions circular

Contractual entitlements

As part of your contract with us, we provide occupational sick pay and maternity pay, annual leave and special leave. We also offer a range of voluntary benefits