Nurturing your growth

We’re ambitious: for our patients and the local communities we serve, and for our own staff.

So we recruit and develop strong, passionate leaders. And provide the education and training that ensure our staff can offer safe, efficient and effective care.

Our strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities help us to build the team we need to realise our ambitions. We review them each year to ensure they reflect our development needs.And at the heart, isour overarching goal: building a workforce that’s competent, capable, compassionate. To achieve it, we’re committed to: 

  • Taking a systematic approach
  • Providing equal access to opportunities
  • Putting quality and safety first
  • Maintaining values-driven leadership and management
  • Supporting staff to learn together
  • Creating quality learning environments 

Core Essential Foundation

Delivering our priorities starts with a robust process to embed our core values in education and development. Join us and you’ll be inducted in all the essentials you need to get up and running, and receive a bespoke development plan, along with statutory and mandatory training. 

To help you stay on track, there’s an annual performance appraisal, and throughout the year your manager will provide regular feedback.

Vocational education and learning 

Improved access to vocational learning will help staff to acquire the skills and knowledge to take on new roles and ways of working. So if you're starting on an apprenticeship or need help to get ahead, we offer many opportunities to gain qualifications and Credit Framework Awards. You can also participate in Skills for Life and Customer Care, and we offer Targeted Development programmes for specific roles, such as skills training for clinical support staff.

Pre / post qualifying education and training

We play a significant role in training the next generation of healthcare professionals, and we know that students paying tuition fees want the highest quality education and value for money. It’s vital that we listen and learn from them to improve our patient care and education for future generations. So we work with education partners to ensure we’re ready for the changes a tuition fees system will bring. We also provide a variety of clinical placements to students undertaking a formal academic programme – that leads to a professional registration with a healthcare regulator. And we’re planning to audit student placements, increase our network of mentors and supervisors and promote multi-disciplinary learning. Because we should never stop improving.

Our leaders

Excellent care demands excellent leadership. We want our organisation to be a place where plans are led by clinical as well as management leaders, and where staff can speak out and do the very best job they can. Guiding our leaders actions, is the leadership behaviour cycle, that sets out our expectations:

Demonstrate our values > Put patients first > Inspire and enable > Set clear direction > Give/act on feedback > Improve quality and efficiency > Promote staff wellbeing and development > Demonstrate our values…

Of course, good leadership doesn’t just happen. It has to be spotted nurtured, developed and rewarded.

Our proposed new Leadership and Management Development Pathway will help clinical and management leaders to build relationships, and nurture a great place to work, learn, and care. Specifically, the Pathway takes leaders from developing core people skills, through to learning how to better lead teams, services and systems, and ultimately, onto leading organisations.