We are what we do


“One of the most amazing things I’ve seen is staff arranging marriages for people at the end of their life. They make wedding cakes and put up decorations in the ward, to make it really special.” Duncan Burton, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience

Whether going above and beyond to treat end of life with dignity and respect, or honouring the emotional needs of patients and their families, patient welfare is at the heart of everything we do. So we are professional, polite, and without fail, kind.


“They may not understand what we’re saying, but they understand a gesture of kindness. So I had the idea to install a blanket warmer where patients arrive, providing some comfort before an operation.” Catherine Shyjka, Matron

Safety is paramount. We protect the physical safety of patients and staff at all times. We look after their mental and emotional welfare too, by listening to concerns. And we invest in training and applying data so that we can constantly improve.


“A patient gave me a card to thank me for delivering her baby without a blood transfusion, which she refused for religious reasons. I got her home in two days, and in good health for her baby.” Amanda Joseph, Specialist Practitioner of Transfusion (Nurse)

We don't pass the buck. Everyone who works here takes ownership of their role, and the Hospitals’ reputation. So we champion a positive, ‘can do’ attitude, take initiative when the situation calls for it, and use resources creatively and efficiently.

Value each other

“I’ve worked at lots of hospitals in the South Thames area but I came back to Kingston for the kindness staff show to each other, and to the patients.” Louise Hugh, Consultant Geriatrician

A friendly hello, a shoulder to lean on, a little extra effort. We value our differences, support and motivate each other. And in turn, we work well together, regardless of role or status.