Compassionate care.

Each and every time.

‘Working together to deliver exceptional, compassionate care – each and every time’. That’s our vision. But it's what we do to make it a reality, that counts. Our values help us to deliver kind, exceptional care, as consistently as we can. 

Very simply, we take kindness very seriously. It's what sets us apart. And it's what makes all the difference for the 350,000 people we serve in the local community. Half of our inpatients over 75 have dementia, double the national average, but fortunately our dementia and end of life care are award winning. 

Kindness is also in plentiful supply for the 3,000+ brilliant professionals that work here. We’re recognised in the NHS National Staff Survey as one of the top 20% of Hospitals in the country: for communication between senior managers and staff, support from managers, and team working.

Emily Orme, Team Lead Physiotherapist

“I’ve been here 16 years and I don't want to leave because everyone’s so friendly.”

“Even the staff who aren't directly responsible for me have shown me nothing but kindness.” Kingston Hospital service user